I lovvv browsing your tumblr but sth just... I don't know why my browser often crash while i was browsing your tumblr, and your banner takes up like 1/3 the length of the blog. Is it just me?? Maybe it's my shitty computer?? i don't knoww T_T
- Anonymous

Thank you so much! But it sucks to hear that my tumblr is giving you issues. I’m using both Safari and Google Chrome and the banner seems to be at a reasonable length (when full-screened at least), neither has it crashed for me… is anyone else experiencing crashes?  

I have been meaning to change the theme since last month or so. I just can’t find a decent one (maybe you or anyone can help.

But please don’t let my crap-theme deter you away from the cartoon lesbians. Enjoy them on your dashboard for now. 

OOPS. I keep forgetting I’m not on my personal blog haha.